Thursday, January 21, 2010


Last minute show at the Q! I told myself no more than an hour on this as it came up in the middle of other design obligations. I found this new font on Font Squirrel called Quicksand that I'm enjoying and trying it out on some projects. When I finished this poster it felt like I had crawled out of my skin, this poster was me to a T! The negative space, composition, simple image. It was weird seeing such a clear rep of my work. Kinda cool but maybe a little bit of a pigeon hole? I dunno.

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Dallas said...

I think this is the best yet in your recent series of retro-style posters. Excellent work! I'm really digging it. Thanks for sharing Font Squirrel as well, I am loving that site!

jennifer young said...

killin' it with amazingness! amazing!

Melissa said...

tonight I was at the Q, and I looked around at the posters for the upcoming shows, and realized you did them all. I also looked at the "poster wall", and realized your were (by far) the best ones. Kudos to you... you are really getting your work out there, and fast!!