Thursday, January 7, 2010

"I have called you friends"

"Friendship is rare on earth. It means identity in thought and heart and spirit. The whole discipline of life is to enable us to enter into this closest relationship with Jesus Christ............When once we get intimate with Jesus we are never lonely, we never need sympathy, we can pour out all the time without being pathetic. The saint who is intimate with Jesus will never leave impressions of himself, but only the impression that Jesus is having unhindered way, because the last abyss of his nature has been satisfied by Jesus. The only impression left by such a life is that of the strong calm sanity that our Lord gives to those who are intimate with Him."

Oswald Chambers

It is upon my heart that this year be that of discipline. Not having my mood, needs, wants be swayed by passing winds. I want to think more of myself as a vessel than ever before. This is not out of a vein attempt of perfecting myself, I know that when my heart is in tune that everything that comes in my life will be met with trusting in Jesus. Discipline to me is the opening of my eyes to the beauty of the fruits of the Spirit. My strongest desire when I feel in tune or distant from Jesus is to have the 'last abyss' of my nature satisfied by Jesus. Its kinda funny how that is. Thank you Jesus!

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