Saturday, January 23, 2010

Kenny Burrell

In the past 2 days I've been craving jazz guitar. Yesterday I remembered a song that I had shazammed and it happened to be Kenny Burrell's Midnight Blue. Right before Christmas I wrote this jazz guitar piece i'm calling "milky way" and showed it to the boys who instantly as ALWAYS tore it apart with their contributions. It's still being written and I really enjoy its direction. I feel more tactfully intune with jazz than i ever have before, that's not saying i've achieved something great, jus saying i'm on the way to playing and implementing more jazz. My fascination with jazz will always be growing, I find it to be one of the most honest music forms.

Kenny does Miles' "all blues" piece as a 3 piece here, theres 3 brief drum solos, 1 great bass solo, and Kenny doing what Kenny does. I don't think its his best work by any means, but the song and the feel with the drums/bass made me think a lot of tric, bruce, and I.

ALSO if anyone comes across a vinyl version of "midnight blue" i'm on the hunt, I couldn't even find it at bebop records?! Thats just stupid.


ben blood said...

So you need to go on YouTube right now and search for "Joe Pass."

Here is a good example:

Yasi Xu said...

"one of the most honest music forms" i cant agree more.

Patrick said...

That was great : )