Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Noah G has 2 great shows coming up in Seatown that are legit, and both headlining! First the Croc then Chop Suey. I enjoy type & simplicity a lot as seen in much of my work. I stacked the letters to mimic Japanese signature stamps on paintings, made the 'O' into an completed Enso of sorts, and provided a lot of negative space that I see in a lot of Japanese wood block prints.

I'm very grateful to Noah for these opportunities as it kinda kick started this growing snowball effect of work & creativity into motion. My next goal is to get poster of the week in the Stranger! I dunno how that works, but that would be pretty sweet! I'll have to just design posters for anything and flood telephone poles with em, volunteers? anyone? ;D

Proud of you Noah!

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Turkey said...

This looks really good! Seriously. Hope the poster of the week works out for you. See you Sunday night.