Tuesday, April 28, 2009

More Beef Please

I soon will be boosting my guitar pedal presence! huhzah! To start the addition kick-off i'll be introducing the OCD Fulltone overdrive to my set up. I found out about this pedal after watching Delta Spirit play several times and seeing what they had in their lines. I love the sound that comes from it and hopefully will be a gritty boost to what i'm trying to do. I love what Jack White and the Black Keys can grind out of their guitars, i don't want to be a biter, but on occasion when it fits the song i'd like to deliver the same beefy sound to what we do in GV. Next on the list is a Tremolo pedal of supreme versatility and tone. I'll post when its in possession.


adam said...

I've been looking at new overdrive pedals too. I may have to get this one. I love the low setting that adds that color and weight!

Ben said...

Dude, when you get this, we gotta jam and all =)

Aaron M said...

i love the sound this thing makes, you're making a very wise decision. might i suggest that instead of a tremolo you give a dunlop univibe a try, its very tasty.