Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Kablooey! My mind hurts. This week is full and i don't know how its gonna be now till we start our next full month tour on Monday. OUCH. At the end of this tour we are growing roots back into Seatown and getting a crib! With each of us having our own room! AH SNAP! 2 yrs on the road and the kindness of dear people will soon be over....ahhh...like breathing fresh air early in the morning next to the ocean. It will be just like that.

little notes: Vanjas birthday is tomorrow and my present for her isn't here yet?! GRRrr., i'm back into taking pictures again and can be seen at garagevoice.com/blog, ben/tric/and i have tagged teamed up on a sweet poster for this next tour that has a tip of the hat to Wes Andersen, I have Toms Spearmint toothepaste again!, im learning how to be more organized and responsible even when the rough corners of my ways are pointed out by my loved ones, i love my new guitar pedal->tonight we rocked our socks off like never before and walked away from our practice feeling like a rock n' roll band, mothers day is this sunday so do something about it!

thats all for nows make sure to keep up with the busyness of my other lives in LGC and GV, great things are happening!


Anonymous said...

I'm having a very busy week, as well... just PRAY you don't get hit with this flu -- no, not the swine, just the regular kind. Because as busy as I've been this week, when I'm not on the go, I'm in bed, withering in pain 'cause my tummy hurts so much!

As for Vanja's gift, I bet you'll get it in the last minute..

Steph said...

SNAP! Your own place? That means I'll never have the luxury of hosting you boys again like last year. Those were fun times. Aww well, congrats on the new pad! Be sure to have a house warming part-AY as soon as y'all return from tour.

Where dis new crib be, eh?

Yasi said...

it was nice seeing you guys last night. i enjoyed that rare during-the-week study break very much.

i'm stoked for the summer, we will be neighbors...hopefully

and friend you are and will always be in my prayers.