Monday, April 20, 2009

A Day For Me

(Madison Park circa 1930's)

Luxury is waking up when you want to and looking at your day with nothing planned and stepping into it with a casual anticipation. Ben and I took a late lunch at Cafe Flora in Madison Park where we dined in their green house like dinning room. Ben had this amazing Portobello French Dip with yam and i had a falafel pita with a quinoa salad. We are both now discovering how much garlic was in our dishes. After our light springy lunch we walked down Madison and I showed Ben the 2 joints i used to work at back in the day. A cafe that's different now and the Cactus. Trippy. We then strolled to the waters edge, found a sunny spot of grass, and parked ourselves in its comfort. Ben off to his book and i to writing in my Moleskine. Here's a bit of what i wrote:

"At Madison i'm reminded of my societal status and how the comforts of money makes having money not an issue. If you want a sandwich for 20 bones you get one without thinking, you drive the finest and spend your time doing what you want to do. Sunbathing, gelato, reading in the sun, shopping as desired. Mmmm... What would i do if i were in this position? Who would i be in this social ladder? Would i stop praying? I want to depend on You so i'm never wanting."

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Yasi said...

lucky you guys. what a privilege that we students can never have