Friday, April 3, 2009


I like comics. I don't collect them.
I read them ever so often.

Every sunday my grandfather would hand over the 'funnies' and I would hunt my favorite ones down: Dick Tracy, Peanuts, The Phantom, Spider Man, and one that had Foreign Legion guys in it often..forgot that one. My comic history continues on a personal level with my friend Eric Halder drawing comics during chemistry class that got me eyes from Mr. White when I couldn't hold the laugther in. I then met a comic kid named Liz Prince in Santa Fe who worked at this dope video shop that had sweet foreign/indie films and then a year or so ago I saw 3 of her own comic books at a comic shop in Chicago! I was super proud. My latest comic run in is reading/finished V for Vendetta given to me by my pal Noah Gundersen during our tour. We had talked about it and Watchmen during the tour and then he surprised me with the graphic novel right before our last 2 shows. I was very touched and am now going to watch the movie again to compare it all.

Tonight i found out about Techno Tuesday by Andy Rementer who likes to draw comics about life/technology and the complaints that surround those two. It's funny in a dry way and a societal observation as well. It sometimes can border dark humor and crass things, but overall right up my alley. He releases a new comic strip for free every Tuesday (hence the name) so when you need to get over a bad case of Mondays drop by his site (click the BIG RED above).

Here are a few i've been chuckling over!

For the iphone name droppers

For ALL of us

For Bruce who sees the dark side of my humor more often than most

For me who learned a lot of Bach's million or so Inventions, this is genius! funny! brilliant!


bruce pearson said...

tee hee. i love that injection one. haha!!

jamila said...

the tracking device is golden!
but your word verification is evil. damn dyslexia! the word was ledabb of course i put. lebadd. roar!

Patrick said...