Monday, April 13, 2009

How Was Your Flight?

I left my home yesterday.

Always bitter, but what i needed to do. I got on the plane, took a seat, and tried to ignore the bitterness. Then over the speakers came a tone of harmonica. Huh? I thought it was someones ring tone at first but then out of the front side i saw our pilot lean around the corner with a harmonica in his hand and holding the walkie talkie up to it! He played 'home on the range' and 'Oh Susanna don't your cry for me'. Some people started clapping and then he stopped and said " I'm not going to fly this plane unless everyone is happy and i'll keep playing until everyone is. " He then played again and stopped. "Oh i see, you guys must think my playing is comparable to my flying skills? Well let me tell you, i've only been playing for 3 years, but i've been flying for far more years than that! " He then told us what time we'd get into Sea-town and then disappeared into the cockpit. That was a good way to start my day.

God knew what He was doing,
He always does.

Here's some snaps from my flight so ya'll can see how my flight was.


Matthew said...

I knew I should have called you. I knew it. Tell me you came by post-8:30p? I hit Ben then Clay then Ben then home.

But I'm glad you made it back safely and with some humor.

Play nice with Vanja!


Yasi said...

haha coincidence? i think not.

well i was just quoting andrew bird's lyrics cuz i'm really into "oh no" recently and especially that one line :D

i saw husky stadium in one of the pics :)

and welcome back!

DeAnna said...

that is the best airplane story i have ever heard. good stuff. glad it happened. :)