Sunday, April 5, 2009

Summer Breeze

I like cologne. Yup. I love that there's seasons for diff. colognes. I like that there's diff. colognes for diff. occasions. I like that colognes can match someone really well too. While on tour we hit up an Nordstroms' to get Abby a free facial and while the 40 minutes passed Noah & I went on a hunt for some man fragrance. I looked at the new bottles, their design, font choice, name choice and then just started looking for something that would be new & appropriate for the coming summer. My search ended with Facconnable something reminescent of Lacoste but a little warmer smelling. I fell for it right away and began right away imagining myself playing tennis in all white threads. Everytime i smell it i think i should be doing something fun in the fresh grass, picnic, croquet, sunbathing, badmitton, watermelon. YUM! So coming this spring i'll be leaving Juicy Coutures' Dirty English for Lacoste and then phase into Faconnable by July. MMmmm...Summer.


Yasi said...

lol wasnt aware that you are into cologne hmmm... that is very cool.
and YAY for watermelon :D

Melissa said...

playing tennis is all whites?

sometimes I think you should be from New England in the turn of the century, really.