Wednesday, October 1, 2008

my spine is a quill that dips into the ink of filthy details
it constructs a map and inks out my fears
my famines are exposed and my droughts made obvious
my hunger crushes,my thirst aches, and my need great
their joint effort reveals my child hood wits and the
maturity of resistance beckons me to abandonment

my spine is a needle and i sure hope it doesn't touch the red
i'm out of dependence and full of resentment
i don't have the strength to hear your wisdom
the desire to hear your recommendations on the best choices
i've given my brains to my feet and my passions
to the surface of things

my spine is an excuse away from being vacant
and not being a mirror

i want to be in the light as you are in the light
just get me some backbone


TIP TOP said...

you wrote this at 12:51. that has to mean something :)

TIP TOP said...

courage love

Matthew said...

Let's see some reunited pictures, to-ma.