Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ian Flemming

This year is the something anniversary of Ian Flemmings birthdate.
This chap is most known for his writing the 007 books featuring the
agent James Bond. To celebrate they re released the books with new
covers and I got curious about reading the books. I've seen all the
movies, some regrettably and others I enjoyed, so why not try the books.

I just finished Dr. No the first in the movie sequence and really
enjoyed it.The writing was great, vivid imagery, cliff hanger
chapters, great proper etiquette's, and great character details.
I then watched the film to compare and was shocked by the
many differences. The movie was SO cheesy compared to the
books, and I know many folks would say 'well of course,
the book is always better then the film' so chalk one up
for them. I do think that the new films being made are superior
by great means and will hopefully do Flemmings' legacy some honor.

It's really nice reading something for the thrill and entertainment.
I rarely will read something like this, mostly things around christian
maturing and living, and I guess this Bond stuff is quite the opposite
...hmmm...well yes, pure entertainment. The next book I'm starting
is 'You only live twice' where Bond goes to Japan. It has to be one of
my favorites out of the old school films!

Especially a rocket station inside a volcano?! sweet sauce!

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TIP TOP said...

you should have mentioned your sweet score at the midnight sale at the bookstore!