Sunday, October 26, 2008

All That Jazz

Ben Blood and I enjoyed ourselves a fine piece of Sunday delight.
A terrific breakfastat The Roxys (vanja works there!), a nice walk
thru Ballards Farmers Market, a stop into Bops Record Shop where
i discovered that Jazz aficionados Duke Ellington and Dave Brubeck
each had 30+ records that i had never heard of! I got TIME IN the
above record and another called 'Jazz impression of Japan' that
has amazing titles mirrored by great percussive presence of the orient.
It's delightful! The below records where a great listen but cash is a
determining factor in choice decisions as of late.

I haven't been playing piano as of late, maybe for the past couple
months,but i've beenlistening to a LOT of piano works by
Debussy and the Duke Ellington.

I think this listening is going to improve what i do in my approach
andunderstanding of the piano. I'm really excited how its going
to influencefurther pieces that GV does.


ben blood said...

Today was a blast. That should be a Sunday tradition! I'm not joking.

- breakfast
- farmers market
- record store
- book store

Melissa said...

I agree....

especially the part about breakfast.

Tommy said...

Yeah kids, tradition! (like in fiddler on the roof)

Sunday should be known for amazing breakfasts, NEW RULE!

Aaron M said...

So... if i apply in advance, can I get an honorary day pass to come along?