Sunday, October 26, 2008

Fall Orders


Hot Apple Cider with Carmel
and Whip Cream on Top.


Treat yourself to fall, kick some leaves, carve a pumpkin,
make some soup,wear a scarf, roast some hot dogs,
have a bonfire, take plenty of pictures.

Make sure you do this with as many people as you can,
it makes it WAY better, i promise.


tawny. said...

this sounds so nice. sadly there isn't too much of fall going on over here.

your offer sounds nice. how about i think about it, but in the mean time i promise to come up and visit.

maybe once irv's orientation is done and things settle down a little we'll both come up for a visit! =]

Tommy said...

DEAL! Give us a heads up so we can plan super things around you being up here k? K!