Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Gemma Hayes

Gemma Hayes
is amazing. She released an amazing record called
'Night On My Side' that owned my cd player for months and months.
Her voice is a gem and I had a crush on her for awhile as well, her
first record had a song called 'Ran for Miles' that influenced
a GV song called "Between Pride and Love".

She just released another record called 'the hollow of morning' and
has a song titled 'Home' and hits me real hard, especially being
away from people that i love dearly but can't be near too. It's nice
to have a change in the distance department with Vanja being here.

Please look up this song or even just listen to the 30 second clip on
itunes, and after you do that email/call/write someone you haven't
talked to in a while or someone you really miss!

It's worth it! You're worth it! :D

Actually just click on her name above and you can hear the
whole song on her myspace. Then you'll want to buy it for sure :D

1 comment:

Aaron M said...

how is it that in all our musical discussions gemma has never come up?!? i had no idea you liked her so much. i agree that indeed here music is most lovely