Monday, October 27, 2008


Bleach is a band that always grounds me back into an environment
of inspiration both musically and spiritually. Since knowing their
music i've always wanted to be able to right a good solid rock
song like them, but it's just not me and i've come to a point that
i accept that and am completely cool with it. The thing that comes
from their music is how fused their passion is to their tunes as
well as a much needed dose of humility in light of God and being
mindful of the gap that sin creates. It's not in way that keeps
you in this guilt misery but understands the best place for
weakness and brokenness is in the arms of Jesus.

I'm listening to Bleach a lot right now. The terrific thing
is that Pete Stuart who will be recording GV's next record
recorded one of their albums back in the day! As soon as I
heard one of their songs in Pete's Resume list I shrieked!
I have always wanted to record a duet with Davy (the lead
singer of Bleach and on the far left in the pic) and just a
week prior to all this recordstuff happening had written
an outro to one of our songs'In My Iniquity' thinking of
how fitting it would be forDavy to sing on it.

So then to find out Pete had recorded with them I asked
his manager Juan if there was still any contacts between
Pete and Davy, he said that there might be! I'm not putting
all my hopes into a basket here, but wow, imagine
recording a song with someone you've always
looked up to and been inspired by? Take that into any
field you completely resonate with and think of working
with the person who leads in that field, its kinda like that!

Sadly for me Bleach came to an end 2005, but I'm sure
they can be found somewhere here on the internet,
like or something like that. I'm currently
listening to 'Again, for the first time' its a big
pick me up right now. I'll be moving on to Astronomy
next. Yum.

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