Thursday, April 10, 2008


Theres a song by the band Pearl Jam called "wishlist" off the record Yield that moves me everytime. My favorite part in the song is when Eddie Vedder says:

"wish i was the messenger and all the news was good"

When my brother and I were younger we would look thru the Lego catalog and play 'i get this, i get that'. We were each allowed 1 thing per page. After we went thru other similar toy catalogs we would look at any other magazine depending on how long the drive was. Those things have changed a bit with age, instead of the Lego cargo tanker that could actually float I want an Ibanez tube screamer pedal. Instead of a Micro machine town set I fancy a Swatch.

In thinking about these things that were mental wish lists and growing up I see the items to be more for necessity as well instead of things to play with. I'll enjoy the pedal thats for sure but its also so functional and complimentary to what i do as well. There's not much that I just want (well besides shoes) thats just to play with, something strictly for nonsense. Playing has kinda escaped my mental capacity in a way. Peter Pan and Toys R Us are supremely disappointed I'm sure, but a little hope of fairy dust has caught my nose. You know those box things that have a hundred or so plastic or metal needles things that you can press your hand in and it makes the shape? Anything for that matter. My mum has one that I can't stop playing with. It's like rediscovering the joy of a slinky. It has reawaken the just play in me. I'm not sure what I'll add next with this new found, but it just might be not as functional :D


TIP TOP said...

you're silly tommy. my sisters and i used to play that game as well. but if we didn't have magazines we'd pick stuff outside the car, like houses or stuff on the road.

Matthew said...

I think some things just function on a different level but still fill a certain need (and, yes, address the want-factor as well). If nothing else, pleasure through entertainment is important, albeit un-paramount.

I almost forgot! I have the AA shirt, but I don't see the original tag. I'll just bring it with me to school tomorrow.

Peace, peace...

Matthew said...



Just so you (already) know.

Sarah Jane said...

The hand thingie! sweet memories....danna danna danna (my "jaws" sound affects....imperfect I know)....what was the blog you wanted me to read? I can't remember! It is driving me mad.