Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Great Growth

Le Grand Cru will be tangibly official this Friday morning.

After months of careful planning and committed communication we will have our first products in our hands. We will have 3 shirt designs available before we have our official launch later this year. We are sending shirts to our national control group for their wear/advice/sharing and will be sending those out next Monday morning. This Friday afternoon we will be doing the photo shoot of our shirts with/without models at Andrews University by Shoot Take It (check 'fellow rocker' in my pals list ) These photos will be for our web presence and maybe marketing campaigns later this year. I'll share a couple snaps on this blog before it goes public! I'm so excited. This morning I did the final check of placement/ink color at the screen printers. Seeing the first shirt roll off the tread this morning was like seeing a newborn. I'm so stoked! It's completely fresh/diff. seeing your work on the computer screen transfer to shirt.

If anybody would like a shirt we'll be selling the extras we printed at our photo shoot, somewhere between 20-24 dollars. I'll post the 3 designs later!


Matthew said...


Le Grand Cru

What does it mean?

Cheap high tops? I'm in. I need to make some more money and save up, but I'll lust in the meantime.

I wish you could have seen all the shoe/toy shops Tawny and our friends went to for spring break! A store in Boston had these leather trimmed (crocodile?) Wayfarers. I should have tried them on...

...Friday, Friday, Friday...

Cara said...

uh YES.

i want a shirt.

Ben said...


I can't tell you how happy I am. I know the feeling - seeing the Mt. Ash fresh of the press - and the smell, oh the smell! :D :D :D