Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Mates Return!!!!!

"Think long think think long think think"! The Mates of State are releasing a new record in several days much to my surprise and joy! Their past record was on my tops of last year mad gold genius! Here's a video from their next record YUMMY SWEET GOODNESS and here's the track list for the upcoming record entitled 'Re-Arrange Us' of any band that makes endorphins release to dance steps in my feet its the Mates of State, this on Vinyl as well! Oh huhzah!

TRACK LIST FOR "Re-Arrange Us"
01 Get Better
02 Now
03 My Only Offer
04 The Re-Arranger
05 Jigsaw
06 Blue and Gold Print
07 Help Help
08 You Are Free
09 Great Dane
10 Lullaby Haze

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