Monday, April 28, 2008

Step to this

I've heard kids get complacent of anything routine dealing with spiritual nurturing. Specifically thru devotions. I hear often of my age getting stuck in ruts and hear often of 'getting back in' to devotions. I grow tired of hearing it. Not for their sake that is, but of how often i do and from the condition it stems from. I've realized in my own steps that not having this devotional time with God removes me from earshot of Him saying 'i love you' everyday. And thus removing me from saying to Him 'i love you'.

"In the morning when i rise give me Jesus" is one of my favorite songs of all times and makes LOADS of sense. What a better way to start my day then knowing that I'm adored, that all the validation and value i need is met in hearing His song, His words in my heart at the start of the day. If i don't this world has enough material to get me shook, convinced the waves are larger & stronger than His voice of love for me, that same voice that tells the world and its weapons to hush with 2 words 'be still'.

I don't say any of this to punish with rebuke, but to say be strengthened, i too have been in that spot, but its not because the routine of devotions got boring, it was that i stopped doing them and then thought the routine to BE routine in after thought. What snaps me awake from the lull of doing nothing is when i hear someone say something from the word, or i hear the word in a song, or a verse is shared with me. My mental ears perk up, and i drink with desire. So i started the method of 'where did you last see Jesus?' that theory of when in doubt or confusion you fall back to the time you last heard Him with conviction. I've picked up Steps to Christ by Ellen White. I'm feeling the burn in these limbs again, soon it will be to my heart!

Karli Fairbanks has this song called 'The Same Book' that in her translation speaks to what i've just said. It has been a balm to this son. Same album as previous blog.

I end with this promise in the word to you who are shook:

James 4:8

"Draw near to God and He will draw near to you"