Monday, April 21, 2008

Green ROARS!!!

Earth day is tomorrow! Go Green! Me and the GV boys will be playing a small set at Andrews University with some other musical acts in celebration of earth day as well as bringing awareness to better usages of our energies in being stewards of this temporary place. (this has also made me consider becoming vegetarian again after the scary statistic that our consumption of meat in the states does more damage to the Eco system than all of the traffic exhaust combined...YIKES)

In honor of this green day I'd like to share 3 green pedals that have had my attention for some time! (You will be mine, oh yes you will be mine....)

FIRST UP: Ibanez Tube Screamer:$100 avg :Emulates a tube amp when it starts glowing and crackling from being turned up, very rich and warm. MMMmm

SECOND UP: Boss Tremolo: $80-$100: I love the Booker T kids and this pedal makes me think of them every time as well as the CCR boys, tip of the hat to em'

THIRD UP: MXR Carbon Copy Analog Delay:$150:Analog is yummers and add that to the sounds of delay it must be glorious!

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