Friday, March 26, 2010

TK & VH Tour Poster

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I now have done 3 posters for co-headlining tours. It's an interesting musical approach as well as another solution to work around in the design approach. The interesting fact about this tour is that each group will back the other when they play, so that's gonna be a d'lish treat to see.

I wanted to keep equal importance as always to the co headliners and at the same time pull em apart, 2 eyes being from the same head accomplished this for me. I then used these 2 black & white fotos i had found at an antique store that i've been waiting to use and this seemed the best way. Valhalla Hill are a couple members so it was perfect for the army buddies snap and Tony Kevin Jr. being solo i jus had to use the old school lumber jack. I kept the colors to an antique almost sun distorted hue and then overlapped them to bring another dimension to pull it off the page. I then stressed some of the lines and shapes to contribute to the antique feel that was coming from the color/type/fotos.

Please listen to Tony Kevin Jr. & Valhalla Hill ! A treat for the ears and soul!

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candycane said...

hey! I love the poster! you are quite talented, sir!

Since TK and VH are doing a show at my house next month, could you send me a downloadable link to it, so I can print it out?

Thanks, dude!