Thursday, March 4, 2010


I usually don't double post, but I had to share on my page as well. I just finished designing Paper Astronomer's new EP cover with the help of Shoot take it & Casey (singer of PA) and will be working on another cover soon! I have limited experience with cover work helping with the art direction on 2 GV albums and 1 GV record on my own. I'm excited to work more on music covers in the future and the Invisible Creature kids are a huge current inspiration that is fueling my growing intrigue with cover work. Anyone need an album cover done or know someone who needs one done? holla! ANYWAY back to the re-post

"I’m always researching/gathering for inspirations. Lately I’ve been gathering more mixed media works, from textures, illustrated/photo combos, 3-d pieces. I don’t really use those theories in my work but when I see it done well I’m deff. engaged. I’ve been staring at these 3 record covers for the past while and today discoverd that they collectively are done by the same design firm! After looking at their blog I found more pieces of their work that I’ve previously put in my design likings. I wonder if they want another designer for their firm…winky wink ALSO these kids are Seatown LOCAL, gotta love the two-o-six scene!"

SEE more IC work HERE


candice said...

Hey Tommy!

I gave your info to my friend/old roommate Jonathan, who you've met. He fronts a band called Galaxy Farm. Don't know if they need any art done, but they are putting out an EP soon.

In other news, I heard about this contest on the radio to design Muse's tour poster. I instantly thought of you and your sweet poster designing skills. Here's the link:

Also, it was great to have you guys stay at our place. And, as usual, your show was very life-giving and awesome. Thanks so much for stopping in good ol' PDX. :)

Malachi Ward said...

Tommy, this is seriously awesome! You are doing some great work.