Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Washington Mile

Katrina Ong is the Director/House Manager/Booking Person at the Renton venue The Upper Room. Me and the GV boys had the treat of being apart of the opening and since then, Katrina has been committed to uping the anti, bringing in local/seatown bands, and developing the Renton music scene. My boy TK jus played a packed show there, so watch out for more to come from this up and coming venue, its gettin LEGIT!

When I find a font its easy for me to use often, as soon as I tried this new deco font I found for the WM I saw a mailbox and ran with it. At first it was horizontal with a closer cropping to the main image. Katrina was concerned that the presence of the venue wasn't strong enough, so I changed it to vertical, zoomed out a bit and placed the venue dead center. I liked the negative space but it needed something to break the sterile mood of it. The falling letter could bring so much implications to a story that it was impossible to resist throwing it in there. I dropped the band names from the top and put it in the letter. I used an international letter for a little more exotic flavor too.

I'm grateful for another venue opportunity! Thank you Katrina, you're a gem :D


Anonymous said...

once again, I really like this one... probably because I work in shipping & all.

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