Wednesday, February 17, 2010


2 weeks ago Peter Robinson aka PSMOOV asked me if I'd be down for doing a FE shirt. He had me come in to the studio to talk ideas out as well as to get a sneak peek of new FE & MAD RAD tracks! HEYA! I always lean towards type and I wanted it to be SUPER clean. I wanted it to be 'oh so elegant' and have no image stereotypically hip-hop, meaning -> loud/excessive/poor type.
So I started sketching away in my Moleskine and was only satisfied with objects with motion seen by a 3-d element. I translated it to Adobe and threw in a halftone of sorts for the shadows.

These T's are currently only available at their shows and debuted last week at their sold out Neumos show! Congrads kids!

I first sent him this 80's themed font shirt that didn't vibe with him as much as it did me, which is really cool because that's jus how art is. 2 people will experience something visually/audibly and will have 2 diff responses. I actually enjoy working with diff views cus I get to understand other design theories and hopefully I can drop my pride to accept that into new understandings.
I usually don't show things that didn't make it, but as a fan of this I wanted to share.



Ben Blood said...

Dude, I really really like the top two a LOT! Stellar work Tommy! Dang!

p smoov said...

Hot fire! They's sellin like hot cakes... increadibly well designed hot cakes.