Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I need a new pair of kicks. I've been really good at not buying every shoe I like, and now when I'm ready I'm in a dilemma. It's the akward middle of the season era. It's winter both in season and whats available fashion wise, but spring is knockin heavy on Seatowns door and with the buds already poppin' I'm eager to match my kicks with the times.

Is it to early to bring out boat kicks? MAYBE, but us coast kids have a better excuse to bring em out before the rest of the states. I want casual kicks that can team up with my dress/casual look. I want to be street when I want and a lil dressed up when I want. Is there a shoe that can do the tag team? Here's the latest i've been looking at.


Candice said...

I've never met a man who loved shoes as much as you. :) good luck on your quest to find the perfect pair o' kicks.

Cara said...

i like the 3rd for your specific purpose =)

how are you mr. panigot? long time no see!

TIP TOP said...

yessssssssss.....the gray lacoste are a win!!

ben said...

The third pair is great! :)