Friday, February 12, 2010


I love being involved with doing good, and good that has very measurable effects.

Bethany whom i sing her praises often is doing so much for the Q Cafe which in turn is doing incredible things for the Seatown community. I'm honored to work with such company and to contribute to its fruition.

A majority of HAITI relief posters that I have seen have adopted tattered and distressed images/fonts. I wanted to shy away from that by not using textures. I started with the letter "Q" and made it into the globe, then cut out the AFE from it and used the globes arm for the letter "C". It's not TOO obvious, in fact you have to take some time on it to get it. I placed a book mark behind as a "remember this date" and put a white Swiss cross on it for the "aid" element. I mirrored the book mark ribbon behind the word 'benefit' for unity but changed it up to look more like a ticket, so it wouldn't be so straight forward.

I haven't utilized setting type on a kilter and seeing the position of the globe made it an attractive element to use. The final piece was the minimalistic Haitian flag in the top right corner.

Upon other fresh eye viewings it was suggested that reiterating the Q CAFE would be a plus in case the vague shapes of the globe and its arm weren't enough. I totally agreed and I feel like it was perfect for the negative space above the HAITI.

Voila! Please catch the show, empty your pockets for the suffering that's intangible to most of us. I believe strongly that the little will be multiplied.

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Ben Blood said...

Tommy, a top notch design again. Great idea with the Globe and C-afe. nice work my friend!