Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Freeze & Thaw Tour

Garage Voice is about to embark on the 1st tour of the year. It's going to be really special. We are touring with Adam Pasion whom i look up to greatly. A wonderful spiritual brother whom when i'm around i think of Jesus' character. The 3 weeks are going to be inspiring in so many ways, i'm most eager to begin that time together as equally as promoting the Freeze & Thaw record. We have some brand new merch for the tour that the boys entrusted to me, and I think its some great stuff ( i even ordered an extra shirt for me to wear...is that bad?).

This tour poster was the hardest challenge for me yet. I dunno exactly why, a tour poster is bigger than a show. In my mind it carries more weight because it's seen by a lot of first timers to the band name maybe? for instance in seatown where we play more often the name becomes more household and association may not be dependent to one poster design. Where as an area we come thru maybe 3 times a yr the first impression could mean a lot! I may be overthinking this, but this is a glimpse into my struggle for creating this new poster.

I overcame this 2 week struggle by looking at single elements of touring, scenery, activities, moods, i then decided to make independent images to reflect that. I'm not an illustrator, so this is intimidating to do, i think TYPE first and then arrange pieces around that very minimally. One by one after creating them I started to put em together. The below are some of them with thoughts!

This is the logo for freeze & thaw, the transfiguration of snowflake to teardrop, i'm really proud of this actually. I then wondered how i could do something similar for Adam Pasion's record.

Adam's album title is "O hear the Rattling" so i thought of the album cover of a gent w/top hat holding hands with a skeleton. The images were pretty easy to do and i liked keeping the same shape of the bezier curve at the tops for the unity of the pieces.

This past tour had 2 amazing fotographers, Ben the Blood & Michael the Porter. They kill whatever they touch/shoot. Always inspired to be around em.

Many times on the road you can look for miles and miles and feel like nothing is getting closer, this image describes that perfectly in my mind :D

For the first time GV has Freeze & Thaw on vinyl! One of the stickers is orange :D

Either music or road safetly announces, the radio passed some lengthy drives


Melissa said...

was at the house tonight, and Bruce was doing the Facebook event pages, and I saw this design... and I was like, "what IS that?" Then I said, "this is like my favorite thing that Tommy has ever done!"... seriously!

TOMMY said...

Thank you Meliss! :D

ben blood said...

There is something to be said to explaining and documenting your own process. It's intriguing for your readers to see the gears that make up the machine. Yes. I just called you a machine.