Thursday, December 4, 2008

Tis the Season for TYPE!

For the past 2 years GV has posted a silly song for Christmas.
Last year it was 'Silver Bells' and this year its a cover of
Coldplays' Violet Hill but with diff. words for a Christmas feel.
This year we are making a special 5x7 postcard featuring a tag
team between Patrick and I! Tric drew us GV boys out and I did
the type treatment for front & back. For the first time in my
design work I used masking! I used several different watercolor
washes behind the font to tie it into the drawings that Patrick did.
For the back I did a special type spread of the angels message to
the shepards and again using the masking thing. I also included
the image of the star from a picture I took from the Macy's
building down town.

I'm scared of becoming addicted to masking!

Here's the front and the type treatment that will be on the back!


Yasi Xu said...

OH, MY, GOODNESS! That, is, so, CUTE!

Melissa said...


that is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!


Yasi Xu said...

i'm sorry tommy, i stole it and printed it out... it's now on my bedroom wall lol

tommy said...

Guys you're too nice :D

Melissa said...
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Melissa said...

oh, Tommy... the compliment isnt really for you... I mean, your font work is nice & all, but.... the compliment was actually for Patrick.... but your fonts & message is nice in its own way, too.


Dallas Reedy said...

Don't overdose on those masks now, ya hear! This is a very delightful Christmas card. Elegant type treatment and very tasteful use of type on paths. I'm looking forward to eventually seeing one up close.


(not sarcasm)

jamila said...

is tric going nappy d styles with the moon boots?