Friday, December 5, 2008

Face History

I was looking through old iphoto booth shots tonight and discovered
these gems! I guess I used to make this face a lot and when I did
others joined me. From Left to Right:

Mike Young (little did we know then that we'd be in the same
state pursuing our dreams)

Josh Price ( kid/still hero of mine)

Uncle Tommy ( yup folks, it's genetic! I'm not adopted! )

Click on the picture above for bigger view, then drag it onto
your desktop. From there you'll want to find the best
print size suitable for your space. Print, frame, laugh.


Melissa said...

and you have the same hair-do in all three of those photos... maybe the face had something to do w/ your hairstyle?

Maybe you were angry about it?

haha said...

yeah, Melissa, I think you're right. And what about those pearls - what gorgeous teeth you have, my dear. Meant for gnashing?

Lindsey Painter said...

Cute! I love the one with Uncle Tommy. haha! Sorry no one told you that I was having a baby girl... guess you need to get your butt out here to visit!

Sarah Jane said...

Aww I miss uncle Tommy!! Can't wait until you get here!