Sunday, December 21, 2008


Sufjan Stevens has been busy working with artists from his label Asthmatic Kitty Records and has recently helped produce/arrange tunes from a band called "The Welcome Wagon" and is comprised of a husband and wife duo and get this, the husband is a Presbyterian Pastor?! They follow their predecessor duos, White Stripes, Mates of State, Sonny & Cher, J Cash & June, Deff. feels like a Sufjan vein minus his voice. Their new album 'Welcome to the Welcome Wagon' is
out now and you should take a listen. Take a listen HERE. Has lots of vocals, guitars and banjos plucking, and sounds a little like Sufjans Michigan record. See watcha think!

Also this kid i just discovered today Jayme Stone plays some amazing banjo and has a record dedicated to some sweet african heritage! listen HERE. I really dig the art work done by Red Silas as well, YUM!

Peeps i think who will like this: Karli, Vanja, Yasi, Ben the Blood,

Karli has made a swell Christmas record with her pal Caroline and its FREE! You must go and download and then crank it up while having hot drinks around Christmas lights in that nice warm glow...MMMmmm.. go HERE to download it!

My friend Noah Gundersen has also released several holiday tunes with my new friend Seth Martin and you can get their christmas record at their shows or hear some of the songs from their site on the myspace. My favorite tunes off it is their version of "War is Over" & "Holy Night" is so terrific! so listen HERE & HERE

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