Friday, December 26, 2008


I really really like Paul MCartney. I would like to meet him one day and just play guitars together and write a slew of songs. I have a song i'm still working on called 'apostle & friend' and its about Paul the apostle and Paul Mcartney. It's a tip of the hat to them both and how i've enjoyed their thoughts/music/direction. I'll release it one day on my own stuff, but thats not why i'm writing this post. Paul teamed up with producer Youth for their 3rd collaboration under the name 'The Fireman' and it's mighty terrific! YUM! There's an excellent aggressive song called 'Nothing too much, just out of sight' D'lish folks! You can listen to their new record in its entirety on their myspace page or at their home page. Listen away! Paul did the artwork for the record as well, its like 5 yr old paintings.

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