Saturday, December 15, 2007

Some Summa Snaps

Bruce getting his haircut outside of the Java something

Bruce at the keys during the 18 hour seesion at Robot Room twas FIERCE

Outside of Java somethin' before we played a show!

Brian from Seven Year Absence sippi'n on the java at Canon Beach, a wonderful
wonderful day!

A fence made of chain not much to say


Steph said...

Did I ever tell you that my cousin in Spokane is actually roommates with Brian from SYA? I didn't find out until SYA played one of the UW shows last winter. And neither of them are even Adventist. (I theorize there are only two degrees of separation in the Adventist community, not six.) Small world yo!

Patrick said...

tommy, I love these snaps!


Patrick said...

tommy, I love these snaps!


Anonymous said...

Java Jam.

bruce pearson said...

aaaahh. sweet peace. sweat glory. wow. these pictures. bliss. and everything wonderful about the mystery of the road as we commenced. every tiny fiber in the rope that ties seven years absence and us together is magnified in that photo of brian.