Saturday, December 29, 2007

Hey Kid your 26!

Today means 26 years of God maintaining my breath. I don't count enough His blessings to me nor the cost of my ransom. In the thickest of my 'dont's' He has upheld me and looked upon me in great favor. I have seen His right hand act constantly in my life. I have been time and time again saved from my own snares. God calls me His, and that is the gift worth counting all things loss for.

Every year I have lived has surpassed the previous, I enjoy getting older, I love whats ahead, I look forward to the added responsibilities that come with age, my heart warms over future family thoughts, I cherish being grafted more into my Savior friend and that in looking unto the Author of Love I may be able to more reflect/communicate the perfect love I encounter in His presence, the perfect love that is putting me on the mend in all things weak and hurt.

Thank you friends for being patient with me, dealing kindly with me, inspiring me to become more of what God has started in me. You have enriched these years and I pray that my life is a blessing back to you and to my God!


(the snap above is from my cradle days, circa '83 i believe?)


Cara said...

happy birthday, tommy

sorry i couldn't wish you in person =(

Tommy said...

tanx cara! :D

Kirklinn Scott Thomas said...

no way, that's YOU! adorable! it looks like a giftcard, or a copyright pic you'd have to buy! and i love the brmc reference. :) so cool.