Thursday, December 27, 2007

A beat needed to hash out this scribble

listen son just like you've heard
this world operates around just one word
it spun then shook and got hung up
when it separated AM from I
and then got stuck

we now bleed the reasons
now turned to excuses
it builds pride up
to whomever who chooses

your heart is a vessel
that can only emulate
what is set before it
it will only communicate

be it disaster or finest beauty
the heart responds
when the eyes they see

so cast your sight high
your vision to be
all that is good
yes all that is lovely

we must be a witness
to have a testimony
behold you'll change
when its not your glory

for the better not the worse
when His grace is your story
our name is Lazarus
cuz His name is the key

the doors wide open
and His light exposes
we can't see with one I
with permission to darkness

return to me
you who are weary
give me your I
i'll be your judge and jury

i'll announce you are mine
when you give me your I
my will your will
my life with no lie

I'll be your I AM
yes i'll be your Father
your names not orphan
for I have called you Son


vanja. said...

this reminds me of supertones...the one i like to 'rap' to...if that's what you call it.

nicely done!

spit those words yo! grace stories.

Tommy said...

so serious! i totally on the old school feel of it, i just need some brass back up and some ridiculous afro and camo tshirt and i'm set like a jewel!

gravicca said...

genius. you're brilliant! :)