Sunday, December 23, 2007

Scribbles for the future

I'm involved with something that is requiring much of my time/design skills. I can't wait to share much more, but when i do it will be on a bigger public scale! I have been pushing what i do, and have been much inspired here in the great southwest. I want to share a lot of what i've been doing because it is much further then what i've done before, but alas i must be patient. So heres a little NO THEFT identity for you.


adam said...

That's some hot stuff Tommy!

vanja. said...

quite clever

all excellent!

bravo bravo bravo


Ben said...

Woah! Tommy, these are both so good! Whew! The second one reminds me of those old, old school glasses that they held up to their eye on a little rod back in the day. I love the repetition on it. Goodness.

Anonymous said...

tommy, like i said before, that first one would have made my design teachers crazy happy in college. great combination of images...what did they call that? man, i have forgotten all of my techy terms. I remember it being something genius though. your work is growing in strength! I love it.