Sunday, December 30, 2007

Heal me, and I'll be healed

I had a bad dream of no sacred place
even the heart of Jesus couldn't turn us back again

Despair is our story, it's no pretty tale
It starts with our own pride and ends with His murder

We got no wisdom to use what we've been given
To be obedient in these battles
To carry our crosses or to bury the nails

We got no morals, not a hint of discipline
To trace these used steps back home again

I cut off my hands so I wouldn't touch
It didn't stop the poison, it still burns in my veins just as much

So I plucked out my own eyes so I wouldn't look
I only treated the symptom of self medication

I found this old card said 'have you been forgiven?'
'Do you know what it feels like to have you
r burden lifted?'

See we all got the nails and hammers in our hands
We got the blood of Jesus on our heads

This was all in His plan, to save us from the beginning
Even when He formed us and gave us life and breath

From Eve in the garden to the fruit on the tree
The Son would be lifted up, thru the darkness we could see

That we can start anew, don't believe the lie

Don't believe your own guilt, don't die in your pride

We can be born again, live on this new slate
By this blood of Jesus, His mark, His stain

Why must a life be given to take away our sin?
To show that God's ways can be followed
for obedience to be proven

Murder of the innocent where the line was drawn
He who was not guilty who could throw the
first stone

True colors of this kingdom now completely shown
The controversy condemned and the horror it bestows

The cross illuminates with salvation
Points to the murderer in us all

We can drop the hammer and the nails
We can hear from Jesus
There is no condemnation for those in
love with Him

(the card i found)


erica said...

my favorite line: "That we can start anew, don't believe the lie
Don't believe your own guilt, don't die in your pride"

that picture is so familiar... every time i see it... it gets to me.

thank you.

Anonymous said...

Lots to think about there. Thanks for the mental slap-around... we all need one now and then.

Hey, happy B-day by the way! Hope it was blessed, and that you keep living for the One who died for you in the year to come. Many blessings and much love, man!