Friday, October 5, 2007

Step On In

What's bothering you right now?
Not knowing how much is in the bank, missing my dear ones
What is in your wallet?
License, origami heart made from chocolate wrapper, bank cards, guitar pick, half a chopstick wrapper that has really cool fish on it

Wallpaper on your computer's desktop?
Next time you will kiss someone?
maybe today, patrick or bruce, ben isn't ready!

Where was your default picture taken?
from the internet?

What color eyes do you have?

Is about being loved and loving, thats all. Receiving love from the Author of love, and sharing it, and then receiving love from others.

My house:
12 seater passenger van

Doing this weekend?
Doing a show in loma linda, hugging doug.

Ericas pajamas that i haven't given back since she let me use them in DC, (SORRY) and a nice fitted crimson tshirt.
Who was the last person to send you a text message?

If you could have one thing right now what would it be?
Committed trust to God about all things.

Listening to?
B.R.M.C, the Strokes, and my memories of this last week in New Mexico

Have you ever kissed anyone named Patty?
Patrick deff. counts yes?

What do you smell like?
Sparkling peach, amazing soap.

Have yet to

On your bed, what is your favorite thing?
Pillow, its wherever i go.

Do you believe in a soul mates?
I deff. believe that there are people you connect amazingly with, in a way that is beyond similarities in interests and likings.

What do you usually wear to bed?
not much

Do you remember your dreams?
All of the time, unless i didn't sleep the night before and its recovery sleep

Do you burn easily in the sun?
pretty much

Have you ever been gambling?

What's something you wish you could understand better?
My neediness in diff. parts of my life

What did you do last weekend?
Played a show, saw a french film with Jessica, drew with Vincent, ate a lot of protein

Who is the last girl you hugged?
Sandy when we got to Anthem arizona last night

Orange or apple juice?
both, come on.

Who was the last person you went somewhere with?
tric,bruce, & ben, i go EVERYWHERE with them

Have you kissed anyone on your top friends?
oh for sure

Last time you ate a home grown tomato?
in the past month i believe

What was the last thing you drank?
Apple Juice

Who's house did you go to last night?
Mert and Sandy's

Who was the last person you visited in the hospital?
My grandma Mary Lou

What did you do today?
Rolled out of bed at 8am! amazing!

What do you wear more, slacks, jeans, or sweatpants?
I have 2 pairs of jeans.

What is the last movie you watched? With who?
Moliere, with Jessica

Name 3 drinks you love:
Earl Grey, Coke, Fresh squeezed orange juice

What are you excited about?
thanksgiving and christmas, GV of course, writing letters, having a beard soon

Do you want someone you can't have?
my grandparents, but soon enough with the aid of Jesus coming back

Who was last to slap your butt?

Who's butt did you slap last?

Where was the last place you went?
Grand Canyon yo!

What's on your mind right now?
Seeing the Strokes before i die, having devotions, working on patience with my satisfaction in God, a hug x 20 from a couple of days ago

Have you cried recently?
yes, in my desperation on my knees

If an unstoppable force comes across an unmovable object then what happens?
they are both not 'un' anymore

Is taking a shower a daily habit?
For the most part yes, it depends on where we are.

Who was the last person you slept with?
tric or bruce, sometimes we have to depending on sleeping arrangements at places we stay, no bother though

What is your favorite movie?
HEAVEN, with Giovanni Ribisi and Cate Blanchett, as well as LIFE AQUATIC, with Bill Murray

What do you listen to when you are in a bad mood?
I need thee every hour, by Jars of Clay


erica said...

i love that you still have my jammies... never give them back :o)

Anonymous said...

Butt slapping & kissing..? So thats what goes on in your van...?