Thursday, October 25, 2007

Recent Anticipations

New Thrice record yummy yum yum, going on tour with Karli Fairbanks, thanksgiving & christmas vacation with familia and lovely ones, shaving off this beard YUCK!, working on music with Wonder hymns are the best!, leaving hotmail for gmail, reconnecting to my friend Doug, getting back into the design world by creating posters for next several shows, i'll try to share what they look like when i'm done, hearing from jessica anytime,getting out of california! getting white high tops ( you will be mine, oh yes you will be mine), doing laundry, cooking with ben and then exercising. this is as exciting as my life is right now.

(example of my poster work for our Q cafe show with Karli! woot woot!)


wonder said...

hip hip huzzah!

Karli Ann said...

yay! cool! good things always happen in autumn.