Wednesday, October 17, 2007


There have been 4 songs just stuck in my head over and over lately and i should think that you would like to hear them, so in your interest/curiosity as to what i speak of check out the following and bop your head with me.

Well you can't really bop to the Johnny Cash one, but yeah.

Delta Spirit: People Turn Around ( i sing this mostly around GV for some reason)

Johnny Cash: Hurt (Rediscovered this gem and sing it mostly with tric when he starts)

Paper Rings: Fake it All (Saw the family trio perform @ TOMFEST and liked instantly)

Lupe Fiasco: Kick, Push (Hip-Hop needs no reason, too Yummy)

Das iz Paper Rings, Das very gud.


Karli Ann said...

yes! i just discovered paper rings on myspace. they are terrific! it's nice to hear a band like that with a female lead that sounds fresh and isn't just an evanescence copy or something. i love family bands too.

erica said...

i love delta spirit... i saw them... amazing.