Thursday, October 4, 2007

Goin' for it

I decided to go for the beard challenge with the boys from seven years absence. On sept. 30 i clean shaved and with nervousness about it all am courageing on. I kinda already regret doing it, but then again, i'm not going to see many people that i know since i'm on the road right now, and when am i going to be able to do this again, especially with a group of amazing gents. The added bonus of nervousness about this hair venture is that i'm already pursuing the growing my hair out till christmas day as well, so Hippy/Jesus comments will ensue. If you are a friend of mine please do come up with a new/clever comparison. ugh, may the face scratching begin, I'm saying sorry now to you who will embrace me in the next couple months, really, sorry.

1 comment:

wonder said...

nice! think i'll take on that challenge too. startinngggg....NOW!