Monday, October 22, 2007

A Great Hate and Longing

I'm sitting in the airport of the worst city in the world (las vegas) and this lady walks by carrying a nice glossy shopping bag that has the emblem of the playboy bunny on it. This pains me with great anger. I'm tired of seeing ladies with a playboy bunny decal, shopping bag, hats, tshirts displayed on their person or belongings. I'm screaming in my mind "what are you doing?" this filth that objectifies you, that says your only value is your skin? Why would you display this perversion? I can't wrap my mind around it, i don't understand at all. It makes me so so sad as well.

I just left a beautiful retreat designed for highschool girls with GV, and i heard these tragic stories of self/outside abuse, from pregnancies to cutters, from low self esteem to random sex, from drug abuse and alcohol, i've never heard so much darkness, and yet these girls were sharing in front of 100 other girls of their darkest and scariest parts of their lives and they allowed me to see their courage and strength. God knew what He was doing when he took from adams side to create the woman after the Creators heart, the Creators beauty. I saw value restored to 100 girls this weekend, and it wasn't from anything except the love of their Heavenly Father. I left these girls with Ephesians 2:10, i pray it for them continually. I hate that this gift of God to this world and to Men has been dwindled down to the external, God has built us inside out, He looks inside, He works on the inside, He lives on the inside. Thats where i want to treasure this gift of woman as well, i don't want to ever be hung up on her outside, i love that we can all be healed for God and for each other. Thank you ladies for showing me more of the God i love and long to be like.

On the mend


wonder said...

".. value restored to 100 girls this weekend, and it wasn't from anything except the love of their Heavenly Father."

yes yes yes...this is my own experience as well. and i learned i needed nothing else.

Tommy said...

girl! word! its the same for us boys too. i'm still learning it though

Anonymous said...

AH! You were in Vegas!! While you were there, you could have picked up my air mattress & vintage Vegas charm bracelet (the charms look like the signs from the old-school casinos, like from when Sinatra was still around & the mob still ran Vegas) . Had I only known :(

(I constantly ask my aunt to send it, but she sent everything else instead. I guess the air mattress is too heavy, and I am assuming that she has taken a liking to the bracelet.)

I once had to spend an entire night there, at McCaran airport, with my mom, in 2004. Our shuttle from the NY NY never came, so we missed our flight. And it was too late to call my aunt. We tried to sleep in the middle area where the "airport museum" is, but they kept arresting people (they close the airport at night, they actually lock you in, so if you have no ticket you go to jail), so we decided to hide out in a bar there that has racecar stuff all over. Then we had breakfast at Cheers, and it was horrible food :-p We didnt fall asleep until it was time for our new flight, causing us to nearly miss it.

Anonymous said...

Why is Las Vegas the worst city ever? Because its commonly refered to as "Sin City"?

Some good things about Vegas.

Cheap living. A nice studio apartment is around $600, often with a lot of utilities included. Apartment buildings that dont judge you just by your credit report.

Less tax... on goods, properties, food, ect...

EXCELLENT BUS SYSTEM. I wish Metro Transit would visit Vegas for one week, and take the CAT every day. You can buy a monthly bus pass AT THE BUS STOP, and its really cheap. Plus, many roads have their own bus that only services that road, making it harder to get lost. AND THE BUS SCHEDULES ARE ALL IN ONE BOOK, FOR EVERY ROUTE!

Sunshine every day February to November :)

Humidity that dries out your allergies.

Lots of libraries with lots of computers, cultural centers, parks, churches.

Free parking.

Plus... where else can you spend an extra $1.99 to add a steak to your meal? Or turn twenty-five cents into $175.??