Friday, July 23, 2010


Tony is playing the The Abbey in a couple weeks, it's an excellent opportunity and in the midst of a great community of musicians/listeners. For this poster I wanted it to be more intimate and shy away from harsh lines of design. Tric took a snap of TK last week at Neptune and it's been on my mind since. I wanted to draw it as a modern bust, jus neck and up. I was about 3/4's done drawing it and my pen dried out, I was kinda grumpy about it, but then jus decided to go with it. I kept it all pen related with the exception of the block behind TK, my friend Heather was over hanging out while I was finishing this up and I asked her to write Tony's name in Pen. I was sold, I had her write all the information for it. (You're a champ Heather).

Design aside, TK has been writing like a warrior. His new stuff is killing it live, I'm very eager for his first Full length.


TIP TOP said...

i like it! it's like a future look into toney with white hair...if he doesn't lose it ;) great job!

Nick said...

Holy what!? This is TU-BU-LAR!

The Body Electric said...

Slick my friend, quite slick!

Ps. saw this and thought of you.

ben blood said...

This is excellent Tommy. A great break-off from the deco style you've been concentrating on. I really really like the use of negative space for his hair, and how it contrasts with his texture-y beard. Also, the monochrome color scheme. One detail that I would change would be seeing the brown block through the left frame of his glasses.