Friday, July 30, 2010

DESIGN: The two sides of a sharp sword

I'm weary of design being used to jump on the band wagon of pointing fingers at BP. To me the sarcasm in it makes light of the situation and dumbs it down. It's easy to be critical of others in the first place and 10x easier when others make mistakes. I'd like to see design make a turn for the better with the rescue outreach that is so greatly needed for the ocean/inhabitants, the jobs that are suffering at the cost of depending on the coast, & for great doers to arise from this tragedy.

I've chosen two pieces that are contrasting in my mind and direct attention to the spill in two diff. ways. The first is by Gavin Potenza whom I'm admire greatly. He constructively takes all the attention from this current spill and zooms out to other oil spill tragedies that have occurred. I like this because it's easy for one to be narrow minded when pain is involved, so to see the other sufferers in your spectrum deff. changes your perspective.

The other piece i've chosen is sarcasm heavy to show the polar opposites that design can have on the same topic. I haven't researched the designers identity, I'm not here to spread a fire, I want to see mending.

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jennifer young said...

i like the way you think...