Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Amy Seeley

Amy Seeley asked me to do a poster for her show at the Woods coming up. I've heard about this venue and seen live performances of when it first opened on KEXP's blog. I'm stoked for her to have a show here, I'd deff. like to go, shoot, maybe I will. The concept hit me quick, piano player+venue hint. So I masked some sweet wood grain in the piano outline and went muted colors on it. I did this version with a tight gridded type box and another version pulling out the venue name because of its growing notoriety. I'm posting the one I'm more fond of :D

Amy is a dear to work with and it's incredible working with someone who is this active with pursuing music. I got some sneak peaks of her recording process during her time in Montana. I can't wait for those to go public. Very organic, instruments everywhere, just looked like a lot of fun. If you're in Portland Aug 11. make no other plans besides being at The Woods, gonna be a treat!

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Nicole Polk said...

do you sell these posters?