Thursday, September 11, 2008

Home for now

I have been house hoping with GV for weeks now including a church
basement at one point for a week or so. My friends Shane and Erica
have invited us to stay at their place as long as we need to until
we get on our feet even if its for a year they told us.

Having something this certain in our life is so meaningful and
special to me. These are some snaps taken on evening walk
around Marysville Washington.

The last ones of me and my friend Micah are taken by his
little brother Jonah. I think he's 4 and i was teaching some
basic camera things in an Indian restaurant on their mothers
birthday. GREAT TIMES! Enjoy


Anonymous said...

That is a very nice photo of the slough.

TIP TOP said...

jonah takes some good photos of you ;)

Anonymous said...

That one photo, where you are standing on something blue & round... where was that taken? Is it at a park?

Also... I forgot to tell you this Saturday, and I'm too lazy to email you, but I wanted to tell you that Cellnetix Pathology Lab is planning to hire a new courier in the next week or so... The pay is pretty good ($12. an hour), they pay full medical benefits, and give you a parking pass and/or a metro/SoundTransit Flexpass... Let me know if you are interested.