Friday, September 12, 2008

bitter at the cusp
i'm overcome by your success
crushed by your crowds
defeated by the wind in your sails
the cheers and the smiles
i know we tread callings
but all i feel is the deep

i'm not in the kitchen
and i'm not at your feet
just get me in the room


Whiz said...

Powerful. Thanks.

TIP TOP said...

sometimes i am so intrigued into what is going through your mind when you write something like this. it is very beautiful.

Matthew said...

I want to go visit Seattle! My cousins used to live there until they moved back to Chicago. That shirt, classic. It's signature birthday gear, it is. I should be around, excited yo!

So I'm behind on blog reading. But I'll try to stay on top of commenting, nonetheless.


Matthew said...

Have you gone sailing? Some reason I feel you'll be an excellent person to go sailing with. Except I don't really want either of us to have to do anything. Just feel. Feel alive, you know? Or that's the laze in me talking...