Wednesday, September 3, 2008


This afternoon i drove by this door in Ballard that i just instantly
foundmyself attached to. Ballard is hip with an antique/modern
thing going for it,its pretty cool to just kick it there, also is down
by the water and locks!Patrick stopped by Archie McPhees and i
ran down the street to snap these photos. As soon as i saw the
rich textures around i thought of my friend Aaron
(look in my pals list)that he would be eating them up so i
dedicate this blog to him!

Please check out his photo/word works, both of creative quality!


ben blood said...

Oh man, the one with the arrow and the blue one right below it are pristine! Look at those textures! Nice Tommy!

Melissa said...

yeah, so I like the last room because it reminds me of my bathroom.

Aaron M said...

these are all so good! the days until i come out can not pass by soon enough

Sarah Jane said...

Sweet shots my friend.