Thursday, September 18, 2008

Happy Sabbath & Croquet Rules!

This past Sabbath we had lunch in the park and provided
food for new visitors at our church. Bruce is on one of
the teams so we got to chip in Juice & Chips!

After lunch i was laying down in the sun and actually
fell asleep! My friend Nate True snapped the above
photo of me. Later on that day Patrick, Bruce, and I
discovered our joy over Croquet! Patrick was first
to become POISON! But in the end he happened to
go thru one of the thin wire archs and lost!
The shot of the two balls is a close call, only
a blade of grass separated the victim from
Patrick POISON Toney!


Matthew said...

I don't know how I haven't commented on this post already. I feel like I have already, twice. To thrice, I say. Yellow looks swell. You good? I'll probably be around the turn of the new year and such. So hopefully see you soon and very soon...

Sarah Jane said...

TOMMY! Great shot. I miss you. FYI....the baby does too.