Saturday, March 29, 2008

SOON, Maybe.

This is the plan if i have the courage to make it that long with the crumb snatcha'!


Matthew said...


If only Asians can grow mustaches.

Your ugly-teeth-sticking-out girl (with BURPle 'stache?) and Pringles-style-'stached-you are most definitely on my list of current pleasantries, for sure.

I'll respond to your tag soon with my own post/list.

Fun times ahead...


heatherly said...

your creativity, talent, humor and personality amaze me every time i see even the smallest of project put out by you. please, don't ever cease. also i need to get your email address so i can send you a few of my favorite posters in print from SXSW.

Anonymous said...

make it happen man.

Kirklinn Scott Thomas said...

i no like!
mustaches are best left to sharpies on index fingers. :p